Landscape and drainage design

Landscape and drainage design

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Standing water left in your lawn after heavy rainfall cause a variety of problems including dying grass, muddy soil, wilting shrubs and water logged plants. It can also create a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If left untreated, drainage problems can destroy the health and beauty of your lawn and your landscaping. Lane Landscaping solves drainage problems for commercial and residential clients in Alpharetta and the communities north of Atlanta. Before you can effectively solve any drainage problem, you must first determine the source of the problem. There are many possible solutions for drainage problems.

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Drainage Design & Installation

Landscape drainage is not something most homeowners think of when re-envisioning their yard, but it is a critical component of any successful landscaping project. Clay soils, waterlogged areas, sloping grounds, and compacted earth can prove a challenge to growing plants and trees. Many homes in the Colorado Springs area, particularly new construction, are built on soils that expand when wet and contract when dry, making it a risk for foundations. Even more homes are built on Colorado compacted clay soils that stop drainage, and are a poor environment for plants and trees.

Smart landscaping, and expert drainage and irrigation solutions are a must if you want your landscapes to handle the deluge and survive dry seasons. Our team can analyze your property drainage issues, create landscape design plans to address problems, and install landscape drainage solutions that are attractive and provide results. If you think your options for landscape drainage problems are limited or unattractive, think again!

We understand how to blend in drainage, grading, and irrigation solutions that beautify your landscape and protect your property. Our expert design and construction crew have devised attractive options for properties throughout Colorado Springs, even utilizing and recycling water for use in the garden!

Custom landscape drainage helps protect your home, can lower your overall water usage, and works with landscape design elements to increase the beauty of your yard! Our options include:. We take a sustainable approach to every project, donating usable materials and recycling excess materials. We are proud to help make Colorado Springs a more beautiful area in which to work and live. For inspiration, have a look through our gallery of projects!

Or upload photos of your current landscape or yard. Tell us about the kind of landscape design you want to achieve. As your local landscape designer, we make the process smooth, so you can realize an enhanced outdoor living space for decades to come!

Please use this form to upload photos of your current landscape or yard, and tell us about the kind of landscape design you want to achieve. Landscape Drainage Options. What Makes Us Different. Service Areas. Footer Request an Estimate. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Share Your Photos With Us. Drop files here or Select files.

Lawn Drainage

Call UsWe specialize in creating custom drainage solutions and landscape designs for each customer. We provide Austin landscaping services. We strive to provide comprehensive recommendations that address your issues, concerns and desires, without compromising the drainage on your property. Central Texas is prone to flash flooding, heavy surface water flow, and groundwater related issues. Our holistic approach to Landscape Development allows our customers to achieve their goals with peace of mind.

Are you looking for ways to manage your landscape water drainage? Water Drainage Tip 2: Change up your landscape design.

Drainage Design

If rainwater stands in your yard for hours after the rain stops, you may need to do some custom landscaping for drainage. Backyard flooding can ruin outdoor plans and make your yard unusable for hours or even days after a heavy rainstorm. Here are a few different ways that you can drain the excess water and keep your yard, no matter how much rain falls. A swale is an old-fashioned drainage system, designed to catch rainwater and hold it, allowing the water to slowly drain into the soil. Swales were used for thousands of years, but have been cast aside in modern times in favor of concrete-lined sewers for disposition of rainwater. For the ultimate in custom landscaping, make a swale by carving out a linear depression in the ground, about one to two feet deep. Bank the sides, so the swale looks like a half-pipe, the kind used by snowboarders and other extreme sports.


While it may not be as apparent or beautiful as garden pathways and blooming trees, good drainage is just as important to make any landscape attractive and functional. In fact, without proper drainage, all of the funds spent on beautifying the landscape could be wasted when it erodes or drowns due to improper drainage. The greatest danger of not having good drainage installed in the landscape is erosion. Throughout the year, rainfall and other precipitation will cause soil runoff in the yard which will literally carry landscaping away with it. Besides wasting money spent on beautiful yards and gardens, erosion can actually decrease the value of the property by lessening yard area and creating sloping ground.

There is nothing that adds to the beauty and quality of your home like a lush and lovely landscape. From start to finish, our expert landscape designers and techs will create a yard that will wow you and your neighbors.

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Our staff will determine the nature of your drainage problem, whether it is a single point or multipoint failure, and devise the most effective solution to remediate it. Our professional drainage service is fast, cost effective and delivers quality results, ensuring that our clients will be never have to worry about drainage problems again. Learn about our different drainage solutions below and contact us today at to get a better understanding about the water standing on your property. Common Drainage Systems and how they work French Drains — A French drain stops water from invading your home before it reaches the foundation. Dry Wells — Instead of adding excess water from downspouts that drains to your lawn, drywells are sub-surface chambers that store and dispose of water by returning it to the ground naturally.

3 Backyard Drainage Solutions for Your Landscape

You might not expect drainage to be a problem in the Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill areas, but many people in the Triangle experience drainage issues. You may need landscape drainage solutions if rain washes away your garden mulch or leaves areas of standing water on your lawn. Agape Lawn Company can correct any drainage issue you may be having. We can implement a number of landscape drainage solutions to resolve your drainage problems and keep your lawn looking healthy and vibrant. And it will help get rid of those pesky mosquitoes!

Drainage Design in Riverside CA. Call us today at () YARD-PLANS for a free Drainage Design Consultation.

No matter the size or scope of your landscaping project, water is always the first item of concern. We pride ourselves on controlling natural water flow in any design or build that we take on — so much, that drainage and grading services are automatically included in our large-scale projects. We strategically place linear French drains behind bolder walls, retaining walls, underneath patios, sometimes even utilizing existing storm drains to avoid water damage.

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However, have you thought about what to do with the underground? More specifically, the drainage system. A drainage system is a basic but crucial structure in any water management. This system is complex due to the different components that you need to understand before you begin constructing the elements in your landscape area. The drainage systems found in houses, offices, buildings, garages and other structures is just as important as the ones found in landscapes or lawns, especially the ones with hard to manage slopes, ponds and water features. It is important to make sure that you have carefully and precisely constructed your drainage system so that all the time, energy, and money spent on your landscape will not go to waste.

We also offer drainage systems and solutions for customers with drainage issues or who simply wish to improve their property's landscape and functionality. Our lawn maintenance company in Bloomingburg will come to inspect your yard and determine a drainage system to fit your yard's specifications best.

Giving Hope Lawn Management offers professional french drain design and installation services. We offer free consultations and quotes. To get your free quote call us today. Many lawns have pooling water or even dry spots where the grass stays dehydrated. But when you notice that happening in your yard, you may not know what the solution is that you need. Instead, many people struggle with how poorly their yards drain.

We provide professional landscape drainage solutions to customers throughout Moore County and the nearby areas. Call to contact us for an appointment today. While water can be a beautiful and peaceful feature, it can also wreak havoc on your property if not properly controlled.

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